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Since 1976,  MFA has sought opportunities and participated in efforts to assure positive outcomes for issues of concern to our membership and the forest community at large.  This is accomplished through legislative efforts, as outlined in the Legislative Handbook, in the areas below. 

  • Working to provide incentives and eliminate disincentives for forest landowners to keep their land in forest.

  • Assuring that landowners have the right to choose forest management strategies that will meet their own objectives, including the sale of forest products.

  • Streamlining the forest harvesting permitting process.

  • Supporting effective forest and forestry informational and educational programs for children, youth, and the public at large

  • Promoting professional development.

  • Building an effective network of partnerships and affiliations with other organizations both within and outside the forest community.




MFA’s Policy Committee strives to represent all of MFA’s diverse interests.


The Committee:

  • Formulates the annual Legislative Handbook;

  • Meets weekly throughout the legislative session to take positions on bills;

  • Drafts position papers;

  • Sends action alerts;

  • Prepares testimony;

  • Views FINAL STATUS Report of bills on MFA's Bills to Watch list; and,

  • Views copy of testimony submitted on MFA's Archive page.


The policy committee generally takes the following positions:

  • Support: Written or oral testimony in support

  • Monitor Favorable: Potential positive impact, watch to see if need for action occurs 

  • FYI: No formal position, may be of interest to some MFA members

  • Monitor Unfavorable: Potential negative impact, watch to see if need for action

  • Oppose: Written or oral testimony in opposition


Want to access or follow legislation? The button below will direct you to the Maryland General Assembly website. Comments regarding any MFA position may be directed to MFA's Policy Committee in care of MFA Director Beth Hill via e-mail at

To promote sustainable forestry and a viable forest products industry, we advocate for better policies, laws, and practices on the state and local levels. In this role, we do not lobby but strive to provide pertinent resource information that will result in better decisions. For lobbying efforts, we often partner with The Association of Forest Industries (AFI) to have a unified message.

MFA does not monitor federal bills. Every day decisions are made that impact jobs and economic growth in forest products communities across the nation.  MFA has partnered with the American Forests and Paper Association (AF&PA) and the Forest Resource Association (FRA) to allow you to learn about federal issues impacting the forest community. 


Become an MFA member and receive our action alerts (via email) that will give you the latest information on issues of concern and who to contact to express your opinions. If you have an issue that you'd like to see us address contact

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MFA legislative bulletins are distributed to MFA members as necessary during the 90 day Maryland General Assembly to communicate and seek feedback on legislative issues potentially affecting Maryland's forestry industry. 


Note: There will be a few legislative updates that are within our normal e-newsletter. To view archived issues of the newsletter, please visit the MFA Newsletter page. 

Legislative Efforts



View/Download Legislative Handbook 


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