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The Maryland/Delaware Master Logger Program is a voluntary training and education program for loggers who work in Maryland and Delaware. The program helps loggers meet the ever-increasing demands of the logging profession. The courses provide information about current environmental regulations, forestry principles, and safe work practices.

Becoming a Master Logger publicly demonstrates an understanding of safe, environmentally and economically sound timber harvesting practices. The Maryland-Delaware Master Logger Program also works to raise public awareness of the professionals harvesting trees – one of the region’s important renewable resources.

The Maryland-Delaware Master Logger Program is endorsed by the Maryland State Implementation Committee of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) program, and administered by the University of Maryland Extension and the Master Logger Steering Committee.


The Maryland-Delaware Master Logger Program has reciprocal training agreements with Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia, allowing the transfer of credits for portions of each state’s programs.

Master Logger Program

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Contact Maryland-Delaware Master Logger Program

University of Maryland Extension
PO Box 169, Queenstown, MD 21658

Contact: Taylor Robinson
Phone: 443-446-4267

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