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Maryland's Forests


The following reports describe the state of Maryland's forests including health, statistics and trends.


Maryland Department of Natural Resources - Forest Action Plan


The following resources were provided by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources for the purpose of the Forest Action Plan, a five year plan (2010 - 2015) to conserve, protect and enhance the natural resources in Maryland; sustaining natural resources and connecting people to the land.


The Future of Sustainable Farming and Forestry in Maryland

Report Commissioned by The Harry R. Hughes Center for Agro-Ecology and prepared by American Farmland Trust, the Maryland Department of Planning and Land Stewardship Solutions. Authors:  Gregory Bowen, Land Stewardship Solutions; Joseph Tassone, Maryland Department of Planning; James Baird, American Farmland Trust.

Excerpt from the report:  Different regulations concerned with the environment are impacting the Forestry industry (Chapter 2). For forestry, it appears that the biggest regulatory impacts come not from nutrient concerns but from sediment and erosion control and logging permits, and the rules governing certification of timber for green building. Sediment and erosion control and logging permits can be relatively costly, detailed and complex for owners and loggers of the many small (< 10 acres) woodlots comprising most of Maryland’s remaining private forestland, and may require as much as 4-6 weeks to complete.

Read full report here.

U.S. Forest Service

Maryland's Forests 2008

Resource Bulletin NRS-58, Tonya W. Lister, U.S. Forest Service, November, 2011.

This bulletin provides facts and statistics on Maryland's 2.5 million acres of forests (covering 40 percent of the state) including forest features, resources and health.




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