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"Why Markets Matter" Preliminary Findings/Recommendations

The Maryland Forests Association is appreciative of the funding received from the Rural Maryland Council that supported our Forests Markets Readjustment Project. MFA reached out to a broad community of stakeholders and beneficiaries of Maryland's diverse forests for feedback on how to strengthen markets in the state. In partnership with the Association of Forest Industries, we have developed this proposed net fiscal zero and non-controversial policy plan believed to enhance the industry's public profile and economic competitiveness. A plan that in short, the Administration can implement without burdening the taxpayers.

The plan will be be made available for discussion purposes at the Shady Acres Forestry Field Days & Equipment Show on Saturday, October 10, 2020, in lieu of an Annual Meeting due to COVID-19. It will also be distributed to our membership for comments. To access the report click below-

Preliminary Findings
Download PDF • 658KB


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