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The following programs will help connect you to forestry organizations and individuals throughout Maryland.


Insurance Programs

MFA offers insurance programs exclusively for members, including:


Forestry Industry Programs


Financing Opportunities


Maryland Tree Farm Program

Tree Farmers share a unique commitment to protecting wildlife habitats and watersheds, conserving soil, and providing recreation for their communities while producing wood for America and the world. These individuals hold the key to the kinds of forests, forest activities, and forest resources future generations of Americans will enjoy.


National Woodland Owner Association

NWOA, with its 36 affiliated state organizations working as the Alliance of Landowner Associations, has become the most active, independent landowners group in the country.  Maryland Forests Association is an affiliate of NWOA.


Maryland DNR Forest Service

The Forest Service restores, manages, and protects Maryland’s trees, forests, and forested ecosystems to sustain our natural resources and connect people to the land.


Educational Programs

  • Woodland Stewardship Education
    University of Maryland Extension:  The Woodland Stewardship Education (WSE) program helps connect woodland property owners to their land. Through a variety of Extension offerings, WSE brings together professionals from such fields as forestry, wildlife ecology, and natural resource management to enable woodland property owners to make sound and informed decisions about managing their land.

  • Forests for the Bay
    The goal of Forests for the Bay is to educate landowners about the connection between healthy woodlands and clean water and that the healthiest woods are managed. The number of private woodland owners in this region is increasing rapidly as forestry budgets to address their needs are shrinking. Forests for the Bay is intended to help fill that service gap.

  • Maryland Forest Conservancy Boards
    Promoting and preserving the forestlands in Maryland.

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