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MFA Welcomes New Director, Farmer, Keith Ohlinger

The Maryland Forests Association, Inc. is pleased to introduce Keith Ohlinger as the newest edition to its Board of Directors. He is the owner of Porch View Farm LLC, located in Howard County where he raises heritage breeds of cattle, sheep, pigs, geese and rabbits, and honey bees. Keith uses what the land has to offer managing it, along with his animals, to create the optimal scenario without chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Keith’s farm is also home to a portable sawmill that provides lumber for his farming operation. Recently, Keith planted 7,500 trees in a silvopasture model which will create living fences, feed animals and provide biochar as a soil amendment. Keith also sources wood from other suppliers to help meet his needs.

“Keith’s progressive views on farming and forestry will make him a valuable addition to the board,” said Beth Hill, MFA’s Executive Director. “He is well connected in an area of the state where we lack representation and we welcome his point of view. The majority of Maryland’s forestland is privately owned, and farmers like Keith, account for a large percentage of that ownership. MFA would like to better serve these landowners.”

Keith also serves on the Howard Soil Conservation District Board of Supervisors and as Vice-Chair of the Maryland Agricultural Commission (representing direct farm markets). He is a current member of LEAD Maryland Class XI.

“Forestry and agriculture are one and the same and have been since humans began. I’m honored to be a part of this team,” said Keith.

If you are interested in joining the Maryland Forests Association Board of Directors, please contact Beth Hill at


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