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Follow Up Needed to Frederick County Forestry Forum

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

On Wednesday, February 15, 2023, MFA, with assistance from the Maryland Forest Service, hosted the Frederick Forestry Forum. Its purpose was to explore the current status and conditions of forests in Frederick County, its forest-based businesses, forest conservation initiatives, and zoning and permitting issues affecting forest management. The program featured three keynote presentations about different aspects of forests in the County and the State, and three panels with Frederick participants discussing, respectively, the local forest-based economy, forest conservation programs and opportunities, and county regulations as they affect timber harvesting. The Forum was very well attended by stakeholders representing various interests including forest landowners, forest operators, environmental advocates, and government officials (county, state, and federal). All of the feedback that MFA has received indicates that attendees and participants profited from the information and exchanges. There was a consensus that everyone shares similar goals to retain and expand forests in Frederick County and ensure that they are managed sustainably. However, many attendees questioned whether increasing burdensome regulations in the proposed Sugarloaf Overlay Area will help meet these goals. MFA will continue its efforts to communicate the full economic, social, and environmental contributions of our forests to local leaders in the coming weeks as they continue to consider changes in zoning and permitting that could unintentionally have negative impacts on the sector. The presentations from the event can be found below along with links to two recently completed documents that can help assist local officials in becoming familiar with the many facets of forestry and the Maryland state laws and regulations that govern it.


MFA Frederick Forum Welcome Presentation
Download PDF • 3.12MB

Chesapeake Conservancy Key Findings Technical Study on Changes in Forest
Download PDF • 11.30MB

USDA Forest Ownership, Conditions, and Health
Download PDF • 5.95MB

RFF- Wear- Forests, Climate, and Forest Investment
Download PDF • 383KB

Maryland DNR Forestry Programs for Restoration and Conservation
Download PDF • 3.68MB

Alliance for the CB Forest Program
Download PDF • 7.31MB

Frederick County Ag Preservation Program
Download PDF • 1.62MB

City of Frederick Watershed
Download PDF • 1.11MB

Creek ReLeaf Presentation for Forestry Forum
Download PDF • 2.88MB

Frederick County Forest Harvest Permitting
Download PDF • 557KB

MD Dept of Planning Forestry Guidance to Local Governments
Download PDF • 1.35MB

MFA Local Regulation of Forest Management
Download PDF • 6.28MB

Useful Links:

This document can serve to help local officials become familiar with the many facets of forestry and the Maryland state laws and regulations that govern it while also providing examples of how local planning and zoning can accommodate the different aspects of forestry, thereby making local officials more familiar with forestry practices in their jurisdictions thus streamlining the permitting process. ​

The assessment asks a core question: What is the likelihood that wood originating in Maryland's forests and entering the supply chain is associated with a sustainability risk? With a strong set of conservation laws and regulations, a robust conservation community, and a highly engaged public, Maryland is a strong performer on forest sustainability. Wood that originates in Maryland's forests consistently meets the demands of international markets for sustainably produced products that protect and sustain forests and communities.


We thank everyone who attended for taking the time out of their busy schedules to come, listen, and learn! We look forward to hosting similar events in the future and hope to see you there!




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